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Visit The Peak District

Look no further than our guide to the Peak District, which has lots of things for you. From village Dressing Wakes Weeks and festivals, to exhibitions and shows - Derbyshire is steeped in tradition that will make your visit worthwhile!

The Peak District is a beautiful and scenic area in England with lots of festivals to enjoy throughout the year. One can find many other fun activities, such as bird watching! For those interested in racing or simply enjoying nature while walking through this breathtaking landscape - we have great tips that might help you get started on your journey here.

The rivers in the Peak District are some of the purest waters found within England. This is due to our Carsington Water site with its coarse and angling fishing, reservoirs and lakes which inspired Charles Cotton's "The Compleat Angler" (1653) as well as Izaak Walton’s “The Complete Angler or The Contemplative Man's Recreation." The rivers were utilised for industrialisation in many ways, from the construction of mills to creating a wealthy heritage throughout history. Museums are filled with details about this rich culture and you can also find some curiosities hidden around town or buried away on backstreets.

The Peak District is a hilly area in northern England. As the population grew and work shifted to London, many trains were closed down as people found it more convenient to drive there instead of taking public transport. But this was not before they had their heyday back during World War II when munitions factories needed raw materials that could only be delivered by train! The region has seen an upsurge in interest for its vintage railways with steam-powered locomotives running again on weekends at the High Meadow Light Railway where you can take rides amongst sheep grazing high pastures or head out into the countryside aboard diesel engine carriages on all day excursions with excellent views over Derwent Water and Ladybower Reservoirs.

The Peak District, which is located in the northern part of England and spans an area that has been designated a National Park offers plenty for families with kids. There are activities ranging from children's entertainment to attractions suitable for all ages so there will be something everyone enjoys doing together on their vacation! You can also find team building courses as well as recreational centres perfect if you want some exercise or just need the opportunity to play sports while away.

For budding geologists or rock and mineral collectors, the Peak District has a wealth of interest that will keep you occupied for hours. One example is our Derbyshire Lily Crinoid fossil which can be found in Castleton but there's also Blue John from the same town to collect! The best way to learn more about these gems are by signing up with one of their tours where they'll take you on an adventure through beautiful countryside while teaching everything there is know about rocks and minerals.

The Peak District is a place of sprawling country estates, with stately homes and a few halls of fame. Among the many castles in this region are ones that seem to be out an ordinary des res into something more like fiction from one's childhood imagination than reality!

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