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Holiday homes lead the way for new getaways during COVID-19

As lockdown measures gradually ease, holiday accommodation owners have a prime opportunity to welcome more guests than ever. We’ve all faced challenging times during the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s clear that staycations will be the preferred choice when it becomes safer to travel. It’s natural that in this tough situation everyone will still be cautious about venturing out of quarantine and be wary about who they come in contact with. Holiday homes can provide the perfect escape during this ‘new normal’, by offering a calm space for their guests to relax, recharge and have fun with their loved ones.

Jet-setting abroad to a new destination means multiple forms of public transport and crowded tourist spots. These days travellers are happier to just hop in the car for a short drive to somewhere local for a change of scenery. Whilst hotels still pose risks with their staff, despite social distancing measures, holiday homes are undoubtedly a safer, more private environment and will give people more peace of mind. We can all agree that the pandemic has been extremely stressful, so people are now drawn to activities that will nurture their wellbeing and allow them time for self-care - your beautiful, luxurious sanctuary. We all deserve a break, whether it’s a weekend away, a postponed birthday celebration or an indulgent ‘me-time’ for key workers.

How do you prepare your home for the end of lockdown? The best course of action is to adopt a wait-and-see approach and accept that you may need to be flexible with cancellations and minimum stay policies. In the meantime you can ensure that your home has the highest standard of cleanliness, so you can reassure your guests before they enter. This includes instructing your cleaning team to use disposable cleaning equipment, providing guests with enough soap and sanitisers, as well as further information on the best hygiene practises.

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